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McMahon Gas Plant Informational Notice for Anticipated Completion of Outage May 7 - 11, 2019



McMahon Gas Plant Informational Notice


McMahon Gas Plant Shippers and Producers 


Date of Notice

May 9, 2019




McMahon Gas Plant



Within Zone:

Two (2)





Work for Station 1 is anticipated to be complete by 8:00 PM MST on Saturday, May 11th as scheduled.

Producers may bring on production to fill the gathering system at the scheduled start up time of 8:00 PM MST, May 11th pending a re-establishment of service notice.

To ensure your shipper accounts on the BC Transmission system are maintained within tolerance, please bring on production to align with downstream markets that will be pulling gas off the system for the entire weekend.

Additional updates will be provided prior to plant start up.



Status Communications:

For more information, please contact your Customer Service Advisor in Calgary, Alberta, Canada or your Specialist, Strategic Accounts.



Posting Date: 09-May-2019 18:08 CCT
Effective Date: 09-May-2019
End Date: 12-May-2019
Response Date: N/A
Location: Calgary
Contacts: CSR