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Plant Allocations/Accounting








April 2020 Actual Plant Allocations



Approved and Published Allocations for NorthRiver Midstream Facilities


The Allocation data has been approved and published for the production month of April 2020 for:

-     Fort Nelson Area
-     McMahon

-     Aitken Creek
-     WGSI Highway
-     Dawson


By-Product Marketers at McMahon - the Liquid Monthly Statement will be available by end of day Tuesday, May19th.

Please contact Elisa Buenaventura ( if you have any questions about the allocation.Please contact the Liquids Logistics group at if you have any questions about the By-Product Marketer Liquid Monthly Statement.


Posting Date: 19-May-2020 10:59 CCT
Effective Date: 19-May-2020
End Date: 01-Jun-2020
Response Date: N/A
Location: Calgary
Contacts: Elisa Buenaventura